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Poppies 2017 : Work In Progress.

Poppies are a design I enjoy painting, and with time for remembrance approaching, I’ve started to think about interpretations for this year. What I am sharing here is very much work in progress. I’m not yet sure if I’ll continue down this path, but part of the ‘deal’ with this blog is I often share my work as I go – so here’s where I’m currently at. These are made with spray paint, stencil and acrylic. The spray paint I am using is scarily unpredictable, from dribbles to full on paint explosions. I quite like the randomness…I think!?




These two sketches came about as I practiced with mixing wet paint on wet paper, and wet paint on dry paper. To start, I took a big brush and painted a broad line of water across the top of the page before adding the flower heads. The flower stalks were put on after the paper was dry.

Poppies 1

In this first example I made the top of the page too wet, so that when I added the red/white mixture and the dark spot – things diffused too much. You can really see this on the left and right flower heads. With the two in the middle, I subsequently added a little more detail as the paper dried. I like the effect I got by going back and adding something as the paper dried.

Poppies 2

In this second example – I used less water to start which made it easier to get the softer effect of poppy petals.