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Autumn Leaf

Continuing the Autumn theme. I love the colours on show at this time of year, it’s a pleasure to try and replicate them. This design was inspired by some leaves Keira found last week, and the finished work became the most recent free art drop. Coincidentally, it was found by someone who has just returned from a trip to Canada, and they’ve shared the design on line today to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving Day.

I’ve included this new design in the made to order section of my Etsy shop – so if you want one, you know where to go 😉


I spent some time cycling and walking in The Peak District last weekend, Autumn colours are everywhere right now. I wanted to develop a new artwork to follow on from the recently published Autumn Leaf, which I’ve sold two versions of already. I spied a leaf on the ground, a mix of yellows, browns, pink and orange – this one just stood out in the crowd of shades, shifting from summer to autumn. I picked it up and studied it for a few minutes, before replacing it, and finishing my walk.

On my return to the hotel – I set to work trying to create a sense of Autumnal colours in my work. I enjoy the challenge of working with watercolours, I find them very unforgiving, and at times I lack the confidence to go all in. That feeling was absent this time, and I played with different techniques on different parts of the paper. This piece was completed over a two day period.

Autumn Leaf

A simple design. Regular visitors to the blog will recognise the various elements which make up this image. I enjoy blending watercolour from one shade to another, it works really well as a background for a strong design. Th leaf is a shape I regularly doodle, and the gold leaf, whilst being a pain to work with, is one of my favourite materials to look at. Once everything was dry, I sprayed a coat of varnish on top to protect the metal.

This design sold very quickly, and I’ve already been asked to make another. I may well add that second one to the blog post once it is complete.

Autumn Equinox

My friend Callum Saunders shared a reminder on Facebook that today marks the start of the Autumn Equinox. His post spurred me to action and I made an abstract landscape work using a background of green and yellow, overlaid with more autumnal colours of orange and gold.


The more I looked, the less finished it appeared, so I added another note to reflect the harvest. I kinda like the way the wheat is leaning toward the setting sun. This will be the next free art drop.


Autumn Fire

I know, it’s Winter, and I came up with this design a few months ago. I’m pleased to say it has kept me very busy since.

I made the first Autumn Fire for the We Are All Artists free art project, an abstraction of fire using acrylic paint and gold leaf. Here it is along with a picture of it in situ at the Carshalton War Memorial, before it was found.



People responded very positively to this design. I like it, a lot, Yet I was surprised by how many folk contacted me about it, to say how much they like it, and to ask if I would make one for them. I happily obliged, and once word got out that I was making a series of Autumn Fire, the requests kept coming. I was asked to scale up, I painted one for someone locally, one went to Cambridge, and another to New Zealand.

Autumn Fire.jpg

This represents a turning point for me and my art, the first time I designed an art work which resonated so strongly with others. My next post will be about where this art work took me next, a literal twist or two. Until then – here’s a picture of the 2016 New Year’s Eve free art, which I placed at a wedding of some dear friends in St Louis.


Learning to Paint – Autumn Leaf

Sorry for not posting in a while, been busy doing other stuff. I was up in Holderness this weekend with family and friends having loads of fun. We went mushroom picking and looking for fossils on the beach among other things. On the way back from the beach I found a leaf. I’ve no idea why this one stood out from the many others to me – and it did. I hope you like it.