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Matters of The Heart

There’s a really cool free art extravaganza being planned in Peterborough this Summer. All the clues and info for the exhibition and giveaway will be released here, and from what I’ve seen so far – it promises to be a fantastic event. I promised to submit a piece to the event and got round to it this week.

I’ve been pondering some remix work on my winged heart designs for a while and been unsure about where to go. I played with some paint dribble effects to make a bleeding hear design – and at first I got it spectacularly wrong. I mixed the paint too thinly and it ran all over the place. Painting for the bin! Second time around I got the thickness and colour how I wanted it then applied the paint with a brush – before blowing it through an old biro casing.

I like how this turned out. I titled it ‘Careful, I Think It’s Broken’ and shipped it off to Peterborough for inclusion in the exhibition. Next I turned my attention to this week’s We Are All Artists free art drop. I wanted to continue remixing, using the second winged heart design and as I stared at the print – inspiration hit me. I took a dark grey fineliner, and inked in the wing edges, then made a maze design on the heart. This one is titled ‘Getting Lost In The Maze Of Your Heart’, and it will be released locally tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it – finders keepers.


Print Proofs

A few people have suggested that I should make a few of my works available as prints. This is something new for me – pretty much everything I’ve made so far has been one offs. I tried a couple of local printers and I couldn’t get the results I wanted – somehow the textures got lost in the scanning/reproduction process. I parked the idea for a while, until I remembered a friend runs a framing/printing gallery in Brighton, called The Frame Factory. I went to see my friend Polly, and left three original art works with her.


These samples/proofs¬†have just arrived¬†in the post. I’m delighted with how good they look so I’ve placed an order to have some finished prints run off. Once I get them delivered, I’ll make them available in my Etsy shop as limited editions. They’ll be hand finished in some way – haven’t decided quite how yet. Watch this space…