Signals – Part One

Hi folks – my focus has been elsewhere so it’s been a while since I painted. Yesterday I was goofing around with some new ink based pencils and made this godawful pattern, don’t worry I shan’t inflict it on you. It took me hours to construct and it was total crap. Or was it? You see – what this crap piece of work did was progress me towards a better idea. That better idea is titled Signals – Part One. I hope to evolve this pattern idea further, to me it is something about digital meets analogue, geometric meets irregular. I hope you like it and it is good to be back. This work has been mailed to someone in Tulsa, USA.



I have relented. I though perhaps it may help to show you the two previous ideas that helped to generate Signals #1. Sorry for the pinky colour – I photographed them in poor light but I hope you get the general idea.


2 thoughts on “Signals – Part One

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