Flamenco – 2012 Holiday Postcard #6

This is the last card in my 2012 holiday set. Through our time in Spain I attempted to sketch and draw and paint something to do with flamenco. I was inspired by a group of ladies who just started to dance spontaneously in a Malaga street on the second day of our visit.

I didn’t try and recapture what I saw in Malaga, but the harder I tried to make something happen the quicker I got nowhere – save for the odd line and swish swoosh I couldn’t get to grips with how to show flamenco at all. I got stuck and temporarily abandoned the idea. Towards the end of our break I was playing with one of my favourite colours, Windsor Violet, and something took shape. This wasn’t what I’d originally set out to achieve but there is something about it I like. I hope you can find something in it for you too.


One thought on “Flamenco – 2012 Holiday Postcard #6

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