Free Movement

This is a small series of abstract works, designed to consider movement. The pieces are layered, each layer representing a different element of movement.

I started with wet paper to which I added graded shades of water colour, the idea was to represent the drift and movement from one colour to another.

Once that dried, the next layer arrived as paint splashed from the brush, a much more random movement. Finally I blew some gilding paste across the surface of each piece, then applied some gold leaf. It took more readily in certain areas than others.

One of the finished pieces featured in the ITV News article about my free art project, and was given away near Beddington Park. Another piece has been given away in Wallington and a third has been gifted. There are three post card sized pieces remaining in the series – if you like the look of any of them – drop me a line, they are for sale.





When The Wind Blows

Having made some extra free art earlier in the week, I took my foot off the gas, and forgot I needed to prepare something for this coming weekend. Yesterday afternoon, with not much time left to make the work, I took to Facebook and asked for some inspiration. Ideas came in thick and fast – as Storm Doris blew all around us, in our case literally taking the roof off, well a piece of it anyway!!


So it was settled – the theme for this week’s art was to be…wind. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to draw wind – but trust me, it’s not easy. I thought for a while – and here’s what finally emerged from the pencil and the paint brush.


I painted onto rough, handmade recycled cotton rag paper – and I like how the texture of the paper adds to the overall effect. This art will be placed somewhere in my local community over the weekend. Finders keepers.


Two Keys : Sutton United

If you have even the vaguest interest in football, you’ll know that Sutton United meet Arsenal in the 5th round of the FA Cup this evening. Sutton United are based a couple of miles from my home, and over the weekend I responded to a suggestion to make an extra free art drop to commemorate the occasion. Inspiration took a while to strike, and as I sat staring at the club crest, it finally hit me.


I chose to reference the two keys and the gold and silver discs on which they are placed.


Tools at the ready, I began to draw. Ink and paint flowed, gold and silver leaf was pasted, and here’s where I ended up. As you can see I made two versions of the art work – and these will be placed somewhere in Sutton later today. Finders keepers.

Version 2

A New Kind of Commission

Most of my painting is driven by me, by what I want to paint. Usually when I am commissioned to paint for someone, it’s as a result of them having seen my work and wanting something similar.

Recently I was commissioned by a third party, to paint a sketch for someone’s birthday. We exchanged a few messages about a possible design, before I was asked ‘Could you paint a turtle?’ I’d no idea, having never done so before, so I offered to give it a go.


The answer appears to be, ‘yes I can’. My client and the eventual recipient are both really happy with this work, as am I. It’s not a subject I would have chosen, and I am really pleased that on this occasion, I was asked to try something new and different. It was a useful reminder to be open to the possibilities. For those of you who may be interested, this is a sketch in acrylic paint on rough 300 gsm paper, laid on top of a simple watercolour wash.



Long Distance Letting Go

I’ve been in Melbourne, Australia for a few days, mixing business with pleasure. In addition to my consulting work and catching up with a few friends, I made and placed a few art drops.

I started with a couple of small pieces of kindness, which are a pencil and water colour note on the reverse of a postcard with a Winged Heart print on the other side. I noticed racks and racks of bicycles in the city and I used a couple of these as temporary easels to place the art.

I also painted a piece of Winter Ice plus an untitled piece – a kind of floral/plant like abstract.


I left the Winter Ice on Bourke Street and when I returned to the scene of the crime about 90 minutes later, it had gone. I Instagrammed the second piece, which I placed on the other side of the city at the Shrine of Remembrance, and on this occasion – the finder contacted me to let me know they had the art. I really appreciated that.

I made one last piece, which I forgot to place so I’ve brought it back to London to leave locally later in the week.


I often find it difficult to place the art and walk away from it, letting go is hard. I felt this very strongly when the project first started (self doubt – who is going to want one of these…?), and I really noticed this feeling returning strongly while I was away. I guess that at home, people now know about the free art drops. They seek them out, often letting me know when they’ve been discovered, whereas on unfamiliar territory – they are once again unfamiliar. Will anybody want them?


Winter Ice

I am continuing to adapt the elemental art idea. I recently blogged about Autumn Fire, and this new collection, titled Winter Ice – is a variation on that theme. I painted these images overlaying various shades of acrylic paint, finished with silver leaf.


Winter Ice : I is sold. If you would like to purchase one or both of the remaining pieces, please contact me by leaving a comment on the blog, and we’ll take it from there. Thank you.



I heard some very sad news this week. Tim Kitchin, a friend and colleague is no longer with us. I first met Tim back in 2008 when I still inhabited corporate life, and we both had strong interests in sustainability from a business perspective. We stayed in touch and I was the beneficiary of his smart, critical thinking, and his humour, on many occasions. I was very excited when he joined the Ethos partnership of which I too am a part, back in March 2016. This gave us the opportunity to work closer together. That’s over now, and I miss him.

This week’s free art drop is a work made to acknowledge how I am currently feeling about this loss. A couple of people who know Tim and who have also seen the art, say the colours remind them of his warmth. That works for me.

Part of my purpose in the free art project has always been about learning to let go. This particular art drop will be the hardest one I’ve had to let go of so far.